2006_04_30_map.jpgContribute has been buzzing about what that loud explosion (and plume of smoke) coming from Brooklyn was/is. Nothing seems to be on the news sites yet. But from the wires: "FIVE 100 LB PROPANE TANKS ON THE ROOF OF THE 84TH PCT STATION HOUSE WHICH HAD EXPLODED, THREE OF THE CYLINDERS ARE DOWN ON THE STREET, FIRE WAS ON BOTH ROOFS OF THE STATION HOUSE & FIRE HOUSE, FIRE HAS NOW BEEN PLACED U/C"

So, that big explosion was propane on top of a police station (jeepers! But that would explain the boom...) but the fire is apparently under control now. When we know more, we'll let you know.

Kind of Update: Still no real news on the fire, but from the wires (and MrMet388) we gather that Hazmats have been called in because of asbestos tiles on the roof of the station. We'll keep you posted.

Kind of Update 2: Curious why people are making such a hubbub about yet another fire? Watch this video (AVI file) taken by Transatlantis of the second explosion and you'll get it:

Kind of Update 3 From the AP:

The fire was reported at 3:11 p.m. on the roof of the 84th Precinct station in Brooklyn, the Fire Department of New York said. It spread to the roof of Engine Co. 207/Ladder Co. 110 but was declared under control about 3:45 p.m.

Police and fire officials didn't immediately say whether the police station or the firehouse were evacuated, whether anyone was injured or what the cause was.


Actual Update: The AP seems to have updated their story and the Washington Post ran it first. How did the fire start? Workers were repairing the roof when "a kettle of boiling tar, used to repair the roof, became too hot and caught fire." Why were "100-pound propane cylinders" lying around on the roof of a police station? We think the workers were using them. Was anybody hurt? Nope, all 10 workers on the roof escaped unharmed. Thank goodness!

And here's the Times take.

Top photo phoned in by a lovely Gothamist reader. Second photo by MrMet388 via Contribute (where there are now many photos of the smoke).