Donald Trump has freed himself from the shackles of the Republican Party, tasting for the very first time the freedom of shouting whatever idle thought passes through his head, no matter how offensive it may be. Wow! Trump sounded his personal Liberty Bell on Twitter this morning:

Indeed, Trump has been liberated by the GOP establishment, whose members have been loudly distancing themselves from the Trump campaign since the Washington Post dropped the #TrumpTapes Pussy Bomb on Friday. Paul Ryan has discovered vaginas can vote, and announced yesterday he would no longer defend Trump (though he didn't pull his endorsement), and Trump is...mad? Maybe?

Trump is also under the impression that "every" poll says he won the second debate. Trump seems to have trouble with reading.

Anyway, yesterday Trump spent some time making speeches in Pennsylvania, a state where he currently trails Hillary Clinton in the polls by double digits. In Wilkes-Barre Township, he told the crowd he loves Wikileaks, which released some hacked emails from the Clinton camp over the weekend. He also called Clinton, "as crooked as a $3 bill," shouted endlessly about the possibility of a rigged election, and befriended a nose-picking toddler. While it is sad to see a child indoctrinated into Hitler Youth, it's worth noting that Trump is a notorious germaphobe, and to be this close to a child's boogers no doubt is terrifying for him:

Is there more? Can there be more? Yes, there's more, for we live atop the Hellmouth. It appears Trump thinks America is very bad, hence why he's attempting to burn what's left of it to the ground:

John McCain also wants to grope women, allegedly, I don't know:

Chris Christie, who has been held hostage under Trump's canopy bed since February, said Trump's pussy-grabbing comments were "indefensible," but he's still supporting Trump because he has nothing left to hold onto. Not even Bruce.

Meanwhile, Democrats in the House of Representatives are hoping Trump's going rogue will help them retake the House majority. That is very nice, but there are still 27 days and 11 hours left until the election, and I for one will not step back from any ledge until Hillary's hand is on that Bible on January 20th. If you need me before then, you can find me listening to my meditation app on noise-cancelling headphones under my desk.