Gothamist reader Janelle is reporting live from DUMBO:

therealjanelle: something serious going down on BK bridge right now
therealjanelle: traffic is blocked off
therealjanelle: tons of cops
therealjanelle: stoped manhattan-bound
therealjanelle: not bk-bound
therealjanelle: maybe a drill or somethin
therealjanelle: it seems not serious. not enough copters
therealjanelle: i say drill
therealjanelle: DLing photos now
therealjanelle: they're suiting up
therealjanelle: bomb-diffusement style
therealjanelle: just sent you photos
therealjanelle: hmm NY1 won't load
therealjanelle: they seem to have taken a photo, developed it, some guy in a mask walked back to a part of the bridge we can't see
therealjanelle: still only one copter
therealjanelle: its not like they've shut down the BQE or bk-bound lanes...
therealjanelle: the dude in the big suit and hood came back.
therealjanelle: i think it's a drill or false alarm
therealjanelle: hmm person w/ binoculars says they're all laughing
therealjanelle: chatting

Just another day in NYC, kids-- we can hear the 'copters from Gothamist HQ down on Chambers Street-- anyone know what's going on?