Earlier this morning, a teacher made a bomb threat at JHS 145 in the Bronx, prompting the school to be evacuated. The Post reports the threat was "called in to police by the teacher, who locked himself into a second floor computer room. Cops are communicating with the teacher, whose identity has not yet been released... The man told police he is protesting the mistreatment of teachers."

According to MyFoxNY, "Dept. of Ed. officials say there is no indication of a bomb or weapon inside."

CityRoom says the teacher works at New Millenium Business Academy Middle School, which is located inside JHS 145 (Teller Avenue and 165th Street). Besides JHS 145 and New Millennium Business Academy, the Urban Science Academy is also in the building—with about 1,200 middle school students.

Police spokesman Paul Browne tells CityRoom the teacher "initially claimed he had planted a bomb, but that does not appear to be the case." Additionally, the teacher wanted to the principal "ousted" and "said he was on a hunger strike because of some disciplinary case." Apparently the teacher, who is the union chapter chairman, may have received a notice that he was being transferred to a "rubber room," where teachers go and sit all day (while paid) when removed from their duties.

The Daily News has a few more details: The teacher is a 55-year-old who teaches computer classes and he reportedly "was furious that he was disciplined Thursday after he was accused of grabbing a student around the neck."

Update: CityRoom says the teacher surrendered to cops around 11:15 a.m.; he was arrested. The NY Post now identifies him as Francisco Garabitos.