10-year-old Kemoy Gourzang was walking to school in East Flatbush Friday morning when he found a wallet on the sidewalk stuffed with over $500 in cash. But instead of doing what we would have done at his age—blow it all on Transformers and Garbage Pail Kids—Gourzang took the wallet to his school's principal, who used a business card in the billfold to contact the owner. The unidentified man was so relieved to have it back that he gave Gourzang a $100 finders fee, which the honorable little lad promptly invested on a video racing game called Midnight Club 3. "I was pretty excited," he tells the Daily News. "I went straight to Toys 'R' Us." But Gourzang still has $50 left, and is apparently going for the title of sweetest little boy in all the land: The rest of the money will be spent on Valentine's Day, "to buy a Teddy bear with angel wings, milk chocolate and maybe a necklace. For my mom."