We interrupt your Sunday afternoon to bring you this very important news from the Post: their 20-year-old intern was able to buy beer at delis and bars around the city! That's right, folks, despite an ID that clearly states he is "UNDER 21 UNTIL" his birth date, the intern got served at 17 out of 30 establishments he visited. Slow news day, huh?

The story, which shows the underage intern with a beer in hand, exposes many of the city's underage-friendly joints. The locations were chosen from a list of 132 with underage State Liquor Authority violations from the past year, and clearly they haven't learned their lesson. One deli swiped his ID through an age-reading scanner before selling him malt liquor, and bars like Cosmic Cantina, Kate's Joint and Alphabet Lounge all let him drink after "checking" his ID. The guys at Cosmic Cantina even gave him a free shot of tequila, and told him to take a beer for the road. Maybe they just wanted him to save the beer until he was 21.

However, the Post clearly missed the most shocking part of the story: that they themselves are promoting underage drinking! Though they say the intern never actually consumed any of the drinks, they also list all 17 spots where the he was able to procure alcohol—a handy guide for the city's under-21 crowd. Just make sure to get there fast, as the SLA said, "We'll be taking action against these folks."