Some NYPD officers caught up in the ticket-fixing investigation were caught on wiretaps using racist language, and prosecutors are working hard to make sure the tapes are never made public, a source tells the Daily News. Phew—we certainly wouldn't want anything to besmirch the NYPD's sterling reputation!

To protect New Yorkers' innocent faith in their noble police officers, prosecutors have reportedly cut deals with other defendants "in dozens of ensure the ticket-fixing issue didn't become a factor at trial." And the Post reports that the tapes include officers not involved in the ticket scandal saying racist remarks. Another unidentified source admits, "That's how a lot of cops talk."

"If a Bronx jury hears a cop call someone a n----r or an animal, everything else they say goes out the window," says one "veteran defense lawyer" with a client who was arrested by a cop implicated in the scandal. The News also learns that Officer Peter Hans was caught on tape making disparaging remarks about the Bronx "ghettos" of Mott Haven and Melrose. Prosecutors successfully persuaded a judge to seal all transcripts of his profanity-laced calls, and a lawyer tells the tabloid, "You'll probably see that happen again and again."