Time to take those cargo shorts and flip-flops out of mothballs, because we're in for a good ol' October heat wave this week. This morning's dense fog (crazy, right?) is steadily burning off, and temperatures are expected to reach the mid-80s in parts of NYC today and tomorrow. According to meteorologist Eric Holthaus, it sounds like tomorrow could be an ideal day to slip off to the beach and take Instagrams of drowning polar bears. Holthaus predicts:

Add in a steady stream of tropical moisture being brought northward by the remnants of a Pacific cyclone, and heat indexes may reach 90 degrees for an hour or so Thursday afternoon. That’s a good 20 degrees warmer than typical for the first week of October in the region.

But enjoy it while it lasts, because temperatures this weekend are expected to dip into the 60s on Saturday. Brrrrr! If that keeps up we may have to seriously rethink our plans to go as Thong Guy this Halloween.