Police have arrested a man in the murder case of former Giuliani aide Martin Barreto. The AP reports that police went to a temporary employment agency looking for records of Edwin Ramos, and Ramos "happened to walk into the business" while detectives were there. Ramos, described as a "homeless drug addict," was caught after a chase.

Barreto was killed in his East 10th Street apartment last week; his laptop, cellphone and keys were missing, leading police to believe the killer was trying to cover his tracks. WNBC reports that police think Barreto met Ramos outside his apartment the day of the murder, and when Ramos was in his apartment, "the pair became involved in a dispute that ended in his death."

Today, the Daily News reported that the police had been tracking someone who had been using Barreto's cell phone and arrested the person. It's unclear whether or not the person with the cell phone and Ramos are one and the same, but one would imagine that a murderer covering his tracks would toss the cellphone.