A New Jersey man who has been attempting to get his son returned from Brazil for the past five years was hours away from regaining custody—only to have a judge intervene and put the kibosh on it once again. David Goldman's son Sean has been living in Rio de Janeiro since his mother Bruna took him down there for a vacation in 2004, divorced Goldman, remarried and never returned. Last year, she died while giving birth to a child with her new husband, whom Sean, 9, now lives with. The case for Sean's return to his Tinton Falls home has become an international political battle led by NJ Congressman Chris Smith and echoed by Secretary of State Clinton. A Brazilian federal judge had issued an order Monday granting Goldman custody, but yesterday a Supreme Court justice intervened, suspending the order. David Goldman called the move "heartbreaking and disgraceful” and his lawyer said, “Brazil needs to define itself as either a nation of laws or a nation that harbors and protects child abductors.” The Brazilian Supreme Court must take up the case now.