After several days of headlines in which an infamous South American tryst lasted longer than expected, David Goldman must have felt like salt was being rubbed in his wounds this week. Now a Brazilian court has once again ruled against Godman in his battle to get custody of his 8-year-old son Sean, who was brought there 5 years ago from Goldman's now late ex-wife and currently in the custody of the Brazilian man she remarried. A federal judge overturned an earlier ruling that will put Sean into the hands of his stepdad six days a week until the ultimate custody ruling comes down—whenever that may be. While reports have surfaced that his son wishes to remain in Brazil, Goldman claims that the stepfather and his son's maternal grandparents are "brainwashing to boy" and "wreaking untold psychological damage on him." Goldman continues to be assisted by his local Congressman in Tinton Falls, Chris Smith, in fighting for the over 70 American children that Goldman claims are being illegally kept in Brazil alone.