2008_09_cowloose.jpgLast night, a reader told us, "A friend who was on 111st & Jamaica Ave... saw a bull running on the streets chased by NYPD." Well, it was actually a cow (Newsmap called it a "baby cow"), and the Post reports, "The brazen bovine first showed herself on Atlantic Avenue in Woodhaven, Queens, being chased by an urban cowboy - who disappeared along with the animal before cops arrived" around 9 a.m.

Then, at 10 p.m., the cow reappeared at Hillside and 121st Street. Cops followed the cow on foot for nine blocks, before corralling her at 107th and Park Lane. Per WABC 7, "One officer was kicked and sustained a minor injury in the udder madness." Animal Care & Control took the animal.

Update: The Post now reports the cow bull died 45 minutes after being captured. Animal Care & Control's Richard Gentiles said, "There were no visible signs of injury or trauma so it's difficult to determine the cause of death... It was being monitored all the time, but it died 45 minutes after it arrived at our facility." He added that the bull would have had a future of grazing ahead, "Farm animals that come into our facility are taken to farm sanctuaries."

And here's video of the chase:

Last year a cow was also spotted in Queens, prompting the Daily News to create a cow-spotting map.