2006_08_lesouk.JPGHas East Village restaurant LeSouk, infamous for being a haven of "fights, underage drinking, and legitimate noise comlplaints" over the years, closed? Reader Stacie who lives across from Le Souk (and loathes it for its chaos) heard from someone at the 9th Police Precinct that the restaurant lost its liquor license - and in fact, it was closed last night. Stacie continued to build a compelling case for why residents on Avenue B may be relieved: The State Liquor Authority website says Le Souk's liquor license is "inactive".

However, a woman at LeSouk said they were working on "preparations and repairs" and "hoped to be open tonight." Dunh dunh DUNH. Guess we'll see what happens on Avenue B come evening, eh? Or does anyone out there know more?