2007_05_braunstein.jpgDay three of the Peter Braunstein trial brought information about places and things, as well as a look at evidence and the now common debates about the defendant's mental state. Lawyers for Braunstein, a journalist who is on trial a 13-hour attack on a former colleague that occurred on October 31, 2005, contend that their client is schizophrenic and that leaving some much evidence behind is not normal. Whereas prosecutors say his actions show premeditation and a clear mind.

Here's a round-up: 1) Storage unit in Long Island City, Queens - Braunstein had rented a locker five days before the attack; after the attack, police found items belonging to the victim inside it as well as plastic handcuffs. 2) Internet - Braunstein bought a firefighter's coat, potassium nitrate and chloroform on eBay (username: Dr. Groovy), as well as a 10 3/4" Ranger knife, handcuffs, nylon handcuffs, and more at Cheaper Than Dirt. 3) Xavier High School - Braunstein stopped by on November 1 to pick up payment for his part-time work there. He also told Xavier's president he was living in Queens to take care of his mother, when he was really living with her because his girlfriend had kicked him out.

Today, Braunstein's father Alberto (whom Braunstein called a media whore) spoke to ABC News:

"Jail has been his ruination," Alberto told ABCNEWS.com. "He had such a bright future, but everything fell apart when all of this happened with Jane [Larkworthy, the ex-girlfriend of Peter Braunstein]."

Alberto believes that his son suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and condemns the lack of treatment for the mentally ill, comparing his son's situation to that of Virginia Tech killer Seung-Hui Cho. "Mental illness is swept under the rug in this country," he said. "It costs $700 to $800 a day to keep someone in an institution and $89 a day to keep them in jail. That's where the priorities are in this society."

Braunstein's ex-girlfriend is expected to testify next week, but the judge warned all lawyers "not to turn his courtroom into a 'circus'".