There is nothing more crazy than reading the court papers about a crazy man: The Daily News has taken the time to read the records related to Peter Braunstein's various talks with the police. The suspect in the 13 hour attack of a Chelsea woman last Halloween has been at Bellevue ever since his arrest/suicide attempt in Memphis last December. The police have a rich and, we're sad to say, kind of hilarious blotter of his rants and raves. For instance: "Defendant stated that New York City turned its back on him." Please, this city chews up and spits out everybody - cry us a river. He also calls his dad a "media whore" because every parent wants their son to be a potential serial molester, claims not to know where Cobble Hill is, thinks his wanted poster was unflattering ("He thinks it looks like a crazed Mexican."), says a Cincinatti college cleaning lady Esmeralda is the "best cleaning woman in America" and says he went to Memphis because he loves Elvis. If they weren't before, producers must be looking into a way to dramatize this (as if they had to add any more) for TV.