2006_06_brain.jpgPeter Braunstein's defense team is going to claim the writer-turned-attacker of a former co-worker is schizophrenic. Lawyer Richard Gottlieb said Braunstein, who sexually abused a woman last Halloween, "had a substantial incapacity to understand the consequences of the actions charged."
The Daily News' headline pithily explains, "Doc looks in Braunstein's brain, sees psycho," as medical evidence is being offered from a psychologist about Braunstein's condition. Dr. Barbara Kirwin noted Braunstein had "systematized paranoid delusion and compromised ability to control his impulse," and that "Working in the highly competitive, glitzy and sexually charged atmosphere of a celebrity-driven fashion periodical was an extremely toxic and unsuitable environment." So it's the "I'm crazy because of the media" tactic! Gothamist is neither a doctor nor a lawyer (we're just an armchair physician-lawyer), but Braunstein did run from the law, which makes it seem like he knew what he did was wrong, though the slitting one's throat to avoid capture is extreme.

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