2007_06_braunstein7.jpgPeter Braunstein, the journalist who disguised himself as a firefighter and then sexually assaulted a colleague while holding her captive for 12 hours, gives his first post-conviction, post-sentencing interview to WABC 7's Bill Ritter for Friday night's 20/20. WABC 7 offered this excerpt, which seems to have Braunstein explaining that he didn't intend to do anything criminal:

Peter Braunstein: "I didn't really do anything in rape or murder her ... even the lowest form of criminal comes into something plan."
Bill Ritter: "You just figured out how to get in."
Peter: "Yeah that was really what I reached in my thinking."
Bill: "Of course she didn't know that, she didn't know that you didn't have a plan, she didn't know you weren't going to kill her. She didn't know you weren't going to rape her. She had no idea ... You didn't rape her."
Peter: "Yeah."
Bill: "You didn't hurt her physically? You did touch her."
Peter: "Yeah I touched her."
Bill: "It happened and what did you do?"
Peter: "I think I like fondled her breasts twice."

A jury found Braunstein guilty of 14 of 15 charges of assault, sexual abuse, kidnapping, burglary and robbery (they acquitted him of arson) and a judge sentenced Braunstein to 18 years to life.

20/20 airs at 10PM tomorrow.