2006_04_23_braunstein.jpg When the Braunstein news comes, it doesn't stop. Just a day after he was sentenced to a year in prison for breaking parole self-styled "raving lunatic" and alleged faux-fireman Halloween-rapist Peter Braunstein gave a sit-down interview with the Daily News, his first time speaking publicly since he was arrested in Memphis last December.

So what do we learn in the interview? Well, "he was clean-shaven, relaxed and almost pleasant." The events leading up to his arrest are "all kind of a blur." His lawyers are planning on using a psychiatric defense. He's in solitary inside Rikers which is "just like you'd expect it to be." And finally, he understands why the press has had such a field day with the story, telling the News reporter that "Look, I used to do this. I used to be you."