2007_05_braunstein10.jpgThe Peter Braunstein trial finished the week with the defense reading parts of the journalist's diary, written while he was on the run after attacking a co-worker. The Daily News excerpted many parts yesterday, including:

"There are no 'innocent people,' God tells me repeatedly. 'There are no victims.' Either we're all victims, or none of us are. And none of us are.

"I'll be in Heaven along with Joan of Arc, BioHazard's mom and Aaron Spelling - but not Darren Star. In fact, Satan pulled out all the stops and built a large charcoal-colored villa in the downtown area of one of the rings of Hell just to accommodate Darren Star.

"In the early days [God] used to intervene directly into earthy affairs ... Because the experiment he created here so nauseated him that he didn't want to get involved directly anymore. It was an embarrassment. So he started outsourcing or subcontracting divinely sanctioned punishment of the diving word, first through Christ, then through a whole series of other people who, in their own time, were labeled 'insane criminals.' Me, I'm just a guy on the list of people whose pure hearts were scorched to flames by the world and whose particular natures make them eminently suitable for divinely sanctioned payback ... "

Braunstein's lawyers are trying to prove to jurors that their client is so crazy that his brutal 13-hour attack was not his fault.

It's hard to say what the jurors might think of the manifesto, but the NY Times says that Braunstein's writings "taxed the pop-culture trivia knowledge of courtroom spectators" with the mention of Star, who is better known as the creator of Beverly Hill 90210, Melrose Place and Sex and the City. In fact, the Times says Braunstein's trial is "This Season's Must-See Criminal Trial" and says it's like "'Sex and the City,' meet 'Law & Order,'" what with mention of "cultural icons like Manolo Blahnik shoes, New York City firefighters and Anna Wintour."

Other notable ramblings from Braunstein's diary: He's a "hit man for God," may be as famous as Joan of Arc for hearing voices, and saying he's not clinically psychotic. A psychiatrist tell the Daily News that the diary is not "a schizophrenic diary." And a forensic psychologist says, "From a legal perspective, he knows the wrongfulness of his actions. He's blaming society for mistreating him. He's using God to justify his actions."

A witness for the defense, a psychiatrist who gave Braunstein a PET scan to examine his brain for issues, said that Braunstein's brain was damaged. However, the shrink, upon cross examination, agreed with the prosecution that "a PET scan alone is not the way to diagnose whether a person has mental illness."