2006_2_brandstein3.jpg Just because that Littlejohn fellow is all over the news today doesn't mean we can forget about the last guy who scared the bejesus out of New York for a few moments: former WWD writer, alleged fake fireman and rapist, and all around deranged guy, Peter Braunstein.

And what's publicity-whore Braunstein up to these days? Coming to terms with his insanity, apparently. Today in court his lawyer, Robert Gottlieb (what happend to the blonde?), said that "after he receives all of the reports and evidentiary material to which he is entitiled from the prosecution, 'We intend to introduce evidence of psychiatric disease or defect.'"

Honoring the defenses request Assistant District Attorney Maxine Rosenthal turned over "55 crime scene photographs, photos of documents the defendant had and photos Braunstein apparently had taken himself. She also turned over pages of a transcript of a CD that Braunstein had."

But if Braunstein is pleading not guilty because he's batshit bonkers, then why is his lawyer demanding to see every bit of evidence before he moves on? We're curious, what difference will that make? Is it just to show how far gone Braunstein is? Our theory is that the defense wants to have more evidence of Braunstein’s insanity that it can leak to the tabloids as the case goes on.

Braunstein photoshoped by Gothamist's very own crazy, Mr. Dobkin.