2006_04_23_braunstein.jpg It has been almost a year since tabloid-it-boy Peter Braunstein allegedly dressed as a fireman in order to break into the apartment of, and sexually abuse for 13 hours, a former co-worker on Halloween. So it would seem to be about time for some new news on the perp, and the Associated Press delivers.

Yesterday Braunstein was given a one-year sentence yesterday after he pled guilty to skipping out on his three-year probation while on the lamb last year. He had been on probation after stalking and harassing an ex-girlfriend, not to mention putting her phone number and nude pictures on the internet.

Braunstein is currently in prison (where it doesn't sound like he's making friends) awaiting trial for the Halloween attacks. He has pled not guilty to the charges of arson, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, sexual abuse and assault.