Peter Braunstein, the journalist who was convicted of attacking, assaulting and kidnapping a former colleague, was sentenced to 20 years to life today. Prosecutors had recommended Braunstein get 25 years to life, the maximum sentence, but last week, Braunstein had written a letter to the judge, asking for leniency and citing his mental state.

Braunstein's father, Alberto, said, "I mean, it's so obvious that the man is sick. He went 41 years without crime, and that's it. So they're talking 20 years. I mean, how many people do you have to kill to get 20 years? It's ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous."

Before the sentencing, the Daily News got the opinions of a juror and alternate juror. Juror Scott Morris thought Braunstein should get 15 to 25 years, but says that he doesn't deserve a life sentence: "He didn't actually rape her. He didn't go that far, and he does have some sort of mental defect, so I do have compassion for the guy." And alternate Dolph Klainberg said, "The psychiatric testimony showed that he had a severe personality disorder. My feeling is society would be better served if he was put into a mental institution rather than put into the penal system."

Update: Some reports say Braunstein got 18 years to life, others still say 20 years to life.