Now that former NYPD commissioner William Bratton is leaving his post as LAPD commissioner to be CEO of a NYC security company, there's plenty of speculation that he could return to the public sector—even back as NYPD commissioner. Bratton told the Daily News, "Oh sure. I'm only 61. That's a possibility down the line. Those that know me know I never close any doors. Well with some exceptions: I've closed the door on politics to show my sanity. I'm not crazy." The News explains why another Bratton era might happen, "A source familiar with Mayor Bloomberg's thinking said Bratton would be on the short list for commissioner if Kelly moved on to another post, most likely a federal one." Bratton left the NYPD in 1996, apparently because then Mayor Rudy Giuliani was jealous of the credit that Bratton was getting for NYC's efforts fighting crime (example: this 1996 Time cover). Of course, credit for NYC's plummeting crime rates also goes to Jack Maple, the NYPD deputy commissioner behind CompStat (Maple died in 2001).