The Los Angeles Unified School District shut down all 900 or so of its campuses today thanks to a terrorism bomb threat sent to a board member this morning. The FBI is still investigating the situation, but it turns out there was a similar threat made against NYC schools this morning. Not that Commissioner Bratton is concerned, having announced at a press conference this morning that the threat is "non-credible" and was probably sent by someone who's been watching too much Homeland. Sorry, kids, NYC schools won't close for anything!

The threat was reportedly sent in via email this morning, but Bratton says we should all chill. "We are very comfortable that this is not a credible threat," he said, adding that though the FBI, LAPD and NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force are looking into it, he's "concerned with people overreacting to it." Apparently, the email spelled "Allah" incorrectly, so the alleged terror hoaxer is both a big fan of Claire Danes's cry face and a sloppy Google-er.

So, no terror day off for us, and considering what the weather's been like lately, NYC schoolkids aren't getting any snow days, either. This modern world is a bummer.