There were many victims during the Jets' horrific Thanksgiving loss to the Patriots. The fans. "Fireman Ed." And, perhaps most of all, Brandon Moore—whose butt is now forever linked to the embarrassing and singular butt fumble that quarterback Mark Sanchez made:

ESPN New York reports that Moore "was just doing his job last Thursday night, blocking, and now people are cracking jokes about his rear end—all because Mark Sanchez mistakenly thought his backside was ... you know, daylight." The right guard spoke quietly yesterday, "I really don't know what to say about it. It's the weirdest play I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of plays over my time in football."

Also: "He had no idea it was such a big deal until he caught wind of it on the Internet, got home and watched the replay. His initial reaction? 'It doesn't even matter what my reaction was,' he said." And when asked if he was upset, he said, "Yeah, to be part of something like that is ... it's not something you want to be part of."

Moore is also disturbed about the NBC commentary on the play: Cris Collinsworth said during the broadcast, "Vince Wilfork just threw Brandon Moore into Mark Sanchez. Watch this, Vince Wilfork is going to throw Brandon Moore back into his quarterback, he’s going to fumble the football. This is what Reggie White used to do to people - forklift ’em, and just lift them off the ground." However, the Daily News points out that Moore can be seen "holding his own against Wilfork and moving, if anything, mostly forward."