iloveny.jpgYesterday, the city announced that it was investigating ways to create, trademark and license an official New York City logo in order to generate more revenue for the city. This move also involved hiring the city's first chief marketing officer, Joseph Perello. The city is also looking into ideas for the Fire Department and other areas. Gothamist is glad that the city is thinking its marketing more seriously, but also finds the marketing rhetoric being thrown about amusing. "You've got to create a special logo, 'NYC,' or some little doohickey," said City Corporation Counsel Michael Cordozo. "The letters 'NYC' can't be trademarked but when you put them together with a distinctive trademark you can sue to enforce it." Yeah, doohickey. Gothamist is pretty confident now.

Milton Glaser designed of the iconic "I Love NY" logo, but Gothamist forgot it was actually a state logo, because it's been used so much in association with the city. Let's hope the city gets some really cool professionals involved with the process, so we can avoid something shitty. 'Cause if we're talking Bloomby having any input, it's not like his logo is that great.

The Daily News weighs in with its picks for things the city could endorse; Gothamist WISHES that number 1 would happen:
10. Preparation H: The hemorrhoid treatment of choice for New York City's bureaucracy.
9. Meineke Mufflers: Official sponsor of the Belt Parkway.
8. Poland Spring: Almost as good as New York City tap water.
7. Depends: Official sponsor of New York City's senior centers.
6. Dunkin' Donuts: Preferred by New York City cops everywhere.
5. Crayola: The official writing tool of the New York City Council.
4. Marlboro: New York's favorite cigarette — as long as you smoke outside.
3. Windex: When you can't find a squeegee man ...
2. Victoria's Secret: Lingerie worn by New York's finest hookers.
1. Right Guard: Official deodorant of the New York City subway system.