The Jets have started an aggressive campaign to attack Cablevision, the NY Post reports. Basically, the Jets are saying that Cablevision and its prize, Madison Square Garden, act like a monopoly, they are trying to be only game in town, there needs to be more name it, it's there. Gothamist the two parties to fight and fight, fight and fight, with more chatter from the politicians and communities groups until March 21 when the bidding for the West Side railyardscomes to an end. Of course, this comes as the feud between Cablevision's chairman, Charles F. Dolan, and his son, the CEO, James L. Dolan, has gotten more press, especially with Dolan replacing board directors with his friends.

In the meantime, the Mayor is asking City Council Speaker, and his possible opponent (but not by Freddy Ferrer's advisers' count) come this fall, Gifford Miller to return donations from the Dolans. But then Miller's folks point out that the Woody Johnson has donated to city's 2012 Olympic bid and asked if the Mayor would return that money. Well, maybe, but Gothamist is sure that Mayor Bling or Daniel Doctoroff would just pony up the money themselves in some sorta legal way. Gotta say, it must suck to run against a billionaire.