While you're still coming down from whatever rage spike you experienced during your miserable commute this morning, we'd like to take a minute to remind you that the MTA fare hike will commence on Sunday. You have three days to take advantage of $2.50 subway rides before funneling all your quarters into the mouth of the Public Transportation Beast. If you've been yearning to try out every subway-adjacent coffee shop in the city, now's your chance.

Starting on Sunday, base fares will go from $2.50 to $2.75 and a single ride ticket clocks in at $3. Weekly MetroCards will go up a buck to $31, and a monthly will cost you $116.50, up from $112. Express bus fare spikes from $6 to $6.50 (with cash) and from $5.71 to $5.86 (with a MetroCard), and 7-Day Express bus MetroCards will be $57, up from $55. Access-A-Ride fares go from $2.50 to $2.75. Here's a cheat sheet for figuring out how to use up your card fully, bonuses and all.

Staten Islanders and out-of-city commuters are getting hit, too: the Staten Island Railway's getting a spike, tolls are going up on MTA-run bridges and tunnels, and both the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad will see fare increases.

Now seems like a particularly bad time for a fare hike, considering how messy subway service has been over the past few months. But before you start chaining yourself to a MetroCard kiosk in protest, note that the MTA is woefully underfunded by the state, and this small hike will only do so much to mitigate the record-high ridership and burgeoning debt that's thus for burdened the agency. Let the hate flow through, but channel it into penning angry letters to your state representatives so our trains can finally run on time.