In the past two weeks, mysterious figure 'Hidden Cash' has been dropping cash money in San Jose, San Francisco and Los Angeles, where he has set off an insane frenzy. But don't worry about FOMO envy: he says he's planning a NYC trip.

Hidden Cash, who communicates via email and his Twitter account @hiddencash, says he's an "anonymous social experiment for good" and wrote today:

What was originally meant to be a pay-it-forward scavenger hunt for San Francisco, has become much bigger than San Francisco and more than a scavenger hunt. The worldwide interest that has been spawned is tremendous, and though personally surprising, in some ways it is understandable. I think we may have struck a chord with people for a few reasons: 1. Everyone likes free cash :) 2. Many people enjoy a real world scavenger hunt. 3. Many people who don't go on the hunt themselves, enjoy following the excitement and positive stories of people participating and so often paying it forward. 4. In many ways, we have become alienated from each other, and perhaps this is a fun way for people to come together.

Of course, it's not fun when "A young woman ran right in front of my car a few days ago," he says. And the LA Times reports, "At one point, one woman reportedly abandoned her car in the street to join in the hunt."

Hidden Cash says he's distributing about $1000 a day in $100-210 increments, via his riddles. While the jury is out on his intentions, this GIF via LAist sums it up well: