2006_01_bqefire7.jpgYesterday's tanker fire on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway caused huge problems along the artery, and roads were mostly reopened by this morning. The truck, carrying 8,000 gallons of diesel fuel, seemd to have tipped over and immediately burst into flames. The huge fire could be seen for a distance, and the immediate area was evacuated. Luckily, no one was hurt and the driver was only "slightly hurt." Tthe NYPD says some people noticed the truck lose control, and that the driver may have been confused by road signage. The Office of Emergency Management said the city was "fortunate" the accident happened on a holiday.

And because it was a holiday yesterday, some of the papers got quotes from kids. A 9 year old told the Post, "It was like a big boom." And the NY Times spoke to an 11 year old who said, "I heard a boom and the truck scraping along the road, then it just sounded like bombs exploding." The Times adds that the 7 train service, which was suspended for a time yesterday, was "stopped during the fire because of fear that sparks from the tracks would fall onto the spilled fuel." Yikes!

Image from ABC 7