We take billboards very seriously, whether they're notifying us of an upcoming apocalypse, inviting us to a blue jeans orgy, praising atheism, or just asking us tenderly how we feel. Which is why we were so taken aback to learn of the new-ish billboard above, which carries a dire warning: “Dear Jew: You are entering a dangerous place. Shield your eyes.”

The Jewish Daily Forward pointed out the billboard, which is "presumably directed at ultra-Orthodox Jews traveling to Manhattan for work." The billboard, which was sponsored by an organization called the Congregation of Yad Moshe, has sparked debate at Community News Service, where one user summed up the situation: "Apparently some Meshugaim have money to burn on nareshkiten."

A new study recently revealed that NYC has more Jews than anywhere in the world (other than Israel), with more than 1.5 million Jews living in the eight-county New York area. Daily Forward thinks this points to a growing divide between young, ultra-religious Brooklyn Jews—who are booming in population—and slightly more secular, older Manhattan Jews. Regardless, it's probably not the best idea to instruct drivers to shield their eyes—after all, they might miss out on clown college!