The BP sign that was vandalized at the gas station at Houston and Lafayette last week isn't the only one to get splattered with dark brown paint. At least half a dozen BP stations around the city have also been tagged, and the BP franchise owners feel that they're being unfairly targeted. "What are they trying to prove? They're just stupid!" Mark Sapozhnikov, manager of the BP station on Kent Ave in Brooklyn tells the Daily News. He claims it took him $1,500 and three days to clean his sign. "People need to realize that by vandalizing private businesses, they're not helping the oil spill."

Police believe vandals are staining the signs with water balloons filled with paint. "There are a lot of people pissed out there," one police source says. "We don't know who is doing it. But we know why they are doing it." Well, that motive certainly narrows it down, eh?

The best part of the News article is the part where a reporter approaches motorists filling up at a BP station and one customer, Natalie Ramsey, 29, stopped fueling when she was informed where she was. "Oh, shoot. I didn't want to get gas here! Oh, well, they only got $7," she exclaimed, then drove off. Suck on that, BP!