2008_08_elev.jpgThe police are reporting a 10 5-year-old fell to his death down an elevator shaft in a Williamsburg apartment building this morning. The boy, who was apparently with a friend, fell from the 11th floor (at 70 Clymer Street), which is about 110 feet. The boy was pronounced dead at Brooklyn Hospital; according to WCBS 2, "sources believe the boy may have been trying to escape from the elevator after it became stuck." UPDATE: Apparently the boy and his 8-year-old brother were in the elevator, on their way to school, when the elevator became stuck. There have been multiple complaints about the elevators in the buildings; City Council member David Yassky said, "I cannot express the profound sadness I feel over the tragic loss of life in Williamsburg this morning. NYCHA has assured me they are working to get to the bottom of this situation, and I urge them to investigate fully what happened. For now, my thoughts and prayers are with this boy's family and the Williamsburg community."