Police are looking for the boyfriend of the Queens artist who was discovered dead in her Long Island City apartment on Saturday.

Live-in boyfriend Tigren Tambiev is the lead suspect in the stabbing death of 49-year-old jewelry maker, sculptor, and environmental artist Susan T. Woolf, sources told the Daily News. Woolf had a restraining order against her partner, who according to the tabloid was a furniture mover with a "severe drinking problem." She had purportedly told friends: "If you don't hear from me, check on me."

"She had an obsessive relationship with him," said a friend who discovered Woolf's body, which had been stabbed and bound with packing tape, in a pool of blood in her kitchen after she didn't show up to weekend plans and didn't return phone calls. "We didn't want her to stay [in the apartment]. But she wouldn't listen, even though she was afraid for her life." Police had been called to the residence in response to a domestic dispute in September. Investigators are now checking for fingerprints on the tape that was wrapped around the victim's neck.