Police say that a 9-year-old who fell 13 stories was wearing a "parachute" made of a plastic bag at the time of his fall. Domori Miles was found in a lot near his building in Brooklyn's Albany Houses. According to WCBS 2, "Police said while his mother was running an errand, Domori used a large plastic bag tied to his arms. He then went to the roof using a door that had no alarm. He got over the fence and plunged to his death. "

It's suspected the boy was trying to imitate a move on the World Wrestling Entertainment video game, "Smackdown vs. Raw." The Post says he may "have been trying to perform the Swanton Bomb, a technique made famous by World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Jeff Hardy"—the mother of Domori's friend said, "Domori thought it was really cool. He thought he could fly."

Domori's older sister had been looking for him but had no idea where he went; a neighbor told the Daily News, "I was sitting inside and I heard a thump. I looked out my window and saw the boy on the ground. He was on his back and his clothes were ripped off." Neighbors are also upset that the door to the roof wasn't alarmed.

The makers of the video game issued a statement, noting, "In the video game Smackdown vs. Raw, which is rated T for Teens, none of the characters jump off buildings or use parachutes." The News also reports that a WWE spokesman said, "The death of Damori Miles is a tragedy and our condolences go out to his family. We should allow the authorities to conduct a full investigation... including insecure roof access, before conclusions are made about this unfortunate incident."