11-year-old Boy Scout Owen Halpin found a lighter on the school grounds Wednesday. Like most boys, any fire-related item is of immediate interest, so he pocketed it. But another student spotted Halpin with the lighter and narced him out, so the superintendent of the Jamesburg, N.J. middle school took swift action, suspending Owen (for one day) for weapons possession. "We take our security here very seriously," superintendent Gail Verona tells CBS2. And so does Halpin's father Patrick—he called the police and told them that many of the teachers are probably packing the same kind of weapon. Burn.

What's funny is that police actually went to the school and talked to school officials about the urgent threat. But instead of rounding up all those thugs on the faculty with their illicit flame throwers, the cops just looked the other way. And poor little Owen was left to be the fall guy. Owen's dad insists his boy never even flicked the lighter, and explains, "My son’s a Boy Scout. He will pick something up and throw it in the garbage. This is what his intent was." But superintendent Verona isn't having it, and tells CBS 2, "I consider anything that can cause potential harm a weapon." Well, that narrows it down, doesn't it?