After falling three stories onto a terrace on Saturday, 2-year-old Ebrahim Aburawi is doing fine at Bellevue Hospital. The child, son of Libyan diplomat Mohamed Aburawi, tumbled out of the 18th floor window after escaping his stroller while his mother was reportedly in the bathroom. However, the Buildings Department has issued a violation to the building's owner for not installing window guards in the apartment, which are required in any apartment where a child under the age of 11 lives.

Neighbor Gloria Gentile said the Aburawi's had screens on their window for Ebrahim's allergies. She told the Post, "Every year, we get notices in the mail saying, 'Do you want window guards?' I tell people, 'Get guards now—especially if you have children.'" The Health Department is currently conducting an investigation on the incident, and could fine the family or the building up to $2,000 for not installing the guards.