A city bus hit one of two brothers who were playing around while on their way to school. Thirteen year old Bernard Caraballo and his 11 year old brother Angel thought they saw a city bus arriving, so they headed to Rockaway Boulevard in Queens. The bus ended up being off-duty, so while waiting at a median near 145th Street for the light to change, according to witnesses, they started to horse around. Thomas Calderon said, "They were playing, saying, 'You like that girl! You like that girl!' They were nudging each other." Angel apparently hit his brother, causing Bernard to fall into traffic and a bus clipped his head. Angel then ran home to get his mother, who passed out over Bernard's body. He was taken to Jamaica Hospital and then transferred to Weill Cornell for treatment to his head injuries. The boys' aunt told the NY Times that Angel was very upset, "Angel said, ‘Everyone is going to hate me,’ and he cried."