A wooden box labeled "American Fascism" was left at the site of Paul Manafort's Brooklyn brownstone on Tuesday afternoon, police said. An NYPD spokesperson said the box was initially investigated as a suspicious package, but was found to only contain a "God bless America" pin. (A separate spokesperson subsequently said the box actually just contained trash.)

It's not the first time that Manafort's brownstone has attracted neighborhood scrutiny. Last Halloween, local residents cheekily granted the home unofficial landmark status, labeling it: "The House That Brought Down A President."

Photographer Amy Finkel took a photo of the sign, which declares that 377 Union Street "will forever be known as the building that lead to the collapse of the presidency of Donald J. Trump." Finkel also left behind a spooky pumpkin carved with Robert Mueller's likeness. The home was listed as “subject to forfeiture” in Manafort's indictment, the Daily Beast reports.

Meanwhile, Paul Manafort remains in jail, after a federal judge in D.C. revoked his bail on the grounds that he attempted to tamper with witnesses involved in two of his upcoming trials.

"This is not middle school," Jackson said while announcing the decision. “I can’t take his cell phone." Manafort, who is awaiting one trial to begin July 31st and another to start in September, reportedly showed no emotion during the ruling.

Additional reporting by Nomin Ujiyediin.