Michael Torres, the 29-year-old man who drunkenly dragged a woman onto the tracks at the Bowery J subway station last February and brutally sexually assaulted her, is going away for at least 13 years.

Torres, who pleaded guilty to the early February morning attack on his 36-year-old victim, was sentenced in Manhattan yesterday. Prosecutors had asked for 15 years to life for him, Torres got a bit less than that. Still, "under the sentence given by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Carol Berkman a parole board can keep him imprisoned for the rest of his life."

Back in February, a drunken Torres found his victim after she had exited the subway just after 1 a.m. He approached her on the escalator, grabbed her around the neck, covered her mouth and told her not to scream. He then dragged her to the end of the platform, threw her onto the tracks and beat, raped and sodomized her, according to reports. Luckily for the victim, a track worker walking along the tracks arrived on the scene and frightened Torres away. He was quickly identified thanks to surveillance videos. Before the rape, Torres had already had 27 prior arrests dating back to 1996, mostly for assault and drugs.