We interrupt our Irene coverage to bring you some very important local news: a sculptor and real estate developer at 259 Bowery may or may not have thrown a poop log at an art gallery because it juts out over 4.8 inches onto his property. "The fact that the final resting place of that object was south of its point of impact made clear that it had been thrown from the north, that is, 259 Bowery," the art gallery breathlessly claims in a court filing, written by actual attorneys.

According to the Post, the 59-year-old sculptor-turned-developer Charles Saulson as been angry at the Sperone Westwater Gallery since it was built next to his 6-story apartment complex two years ago. "They're 4.8 inches on my property. There's a leak in the basement," Saulson tells the paper. The gallery's manager says he found part of their structure's aluminum exterior "sawed back" with wooden beams crammed against it, like some sort of symbolic shove.

The gallery is asking the judge to bar Saulson from touching the gallery, and Saulson said the parties are "in arbitration." Hopefully everyone will be wearing their diapers at the table.