Midtown officially has a new tallest building. It's at 432 Park Avenue, and it's just one of several "supertall" skyscrapers that will be rising in the area in the coming months and years.

At 1,397 feet, the tower is, according to New York YIMBY, the tallest building north of One World Trade Center. There's still work to be done before its eventual inhabitants can move in, but the structure itself has reached its full height. (Curbed snagged a vertiginous view from the crane up near its roof.)

While it may not be the highest building in the city, it is the highest residential tower in America. What are the odds that at least a few of its tenants will also have offices on the top floors of One WTC, putting them several hundred feet above sea level at almost all times? With apartments in the tower starting at $17 million, it seems reasonable that there should also be some sort of skywalk between the city's most impressive skyscrapers, ensuring residents are never forced to enter the ground floor poor doors ever again. The building will also throw literal shade on the shivering proletariat below, which was probably not intentional but does provide a hauntingly perfect metaphor.

The building is, however, an entire foot shorter than its architects predicted it would be, so this whole project is essentially a failure.