A few months back, we were given a glimpse of a future never-to-be when renderings of a sleek glass residential linked tower in Hell's Kitchen were released. That design ultimately wasn't chosen—but now we have renderings of the skyscraper that will be going up in its stead. And it will be the biggest residential building in NYC.

As New York Yimby points out, the skyscraper at 520 West 41st Street will be 1,100 feet tall and have an estimated 106 floors. It will have a new retail space totaling 300,000 square feet at the bottom, along with 175,000 square feet for corporate apartments, and 1.14 million square feet of residential space split between 1,400 apartments.

But the most notable and important development about the building: it will have "more units than the combined total of every other residential supertall either proposed or under construction in NYC." And with about 280 affordable apartments, it's a sign that these supertall skyscrapers won't just be for the superrich (although whether or not they have "poor doors" is yet to be seen).

Construction on the building is tentatively slated for 2017, and completion is expected by 2020. You can peruse the full Draft Scope Work report by firm Phillip Habib & Associates below.

520 W 41st Street