The Daily News has the scoop on some interesting details surrounding the rescue of passengers from a capsized boat in the Hudson River early yesterday morning. Turns out Doug Liman, director of Swingers, The Bourne Identity, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and "four movie-making pals were on his sailboat celebrating the wrap of a new film early Wednesday when they spotted the ship speeding toward a tiny vessel." A cargo ship, about "250 feet long, 50 feet tall, with no lights," was headed towards Daniel Rechelbacher's 40-foot boat. Rechelbacher and two friends jumped into the river, while another was tossed off the boat when the cargo ship crushed the vessel. Liman's boat headed to the crash, picking up Rechelbacher and two others, while the crushed boat's captain "refused to swim away from his crushed vessel and remained there until Fire Department boats arrived." Rechelbacher called his rescuers "guardian angels" while Liman said, "I make action movies for a living. If I had Jason Bourne survive that, people would start throwing popcorn at the screen .... These people were extremely lucky." And no criminality is suspected—apparently cargo ships have right of way in the river.