Another interesting city bus story and this one is without arrests! Did you know that if your baby is born on a bus, the birth certificate may list the location of birth as the route number? Week-old baby Lydia Irvin's birth certificate states she was born on a B15, and the Post describes her mother's labor as something straight out of a sitcom.

First, pregnant Madeline Rivera and her mother, also named Lydia Irvin, were sent home from Kings County Hospital, where doctors said Rivera was not going into labor. The pair took the B12, then transferred to the B15, where Rivera realized she was going into labor. The bus "pulled over in front of a Laundromat on Vermont Avenue" and the driver helped Irvin lay Rivera on the floor near the driver's seat. Female passengers were giving advice, and everyone clapped when baby Lydia made her first, healthy cries. It may have been the first early arrival in New York City Transit history!

Grandmother Lydia told the Post, "The bus driver and several MTA employees all told me that she would get free rides for life," but an MTA official said that wasn't the case. Which is fine with Grandma: "[I}f they don't, that's OK, too - this was a miracle, and that's all that matters."