2006_03_wantedposter.jpgThe bouncer at the Falls bar and restaurant is still in custody at Rikers for parole violation, as police consider Darryl Littlejohn a "person of interest" in the murder of graduate student Imette St. Guillen. But he was not identified during a line-up for a Queens rape case, leading his lawyer to say his client feels like a scapegoat, and emphasizes he's never been violent towards women. Detectives in Queen and Nassau County had hoped to link Littlejohn to three rape-and-kidnappings, but the victim in one attack was thought Littlejohn was not as big as her attacker (the police sketch of her attacker is at right). However, the police continued to search Littlejohn's home in Queens, taking out the plumbing and even a bed headboard earlier today. Police sources say that semen found on the comforter St. Guillen's body was wrapped in was not from Littlejohn and believe that cat hair on the blanket is from the basement of the Falls, leading to one hypothesis - that there was another person involved. (The carpet fibers found at the crime scene that were a match to Littlejohn's carpet are now considered inconclusive, since it is a popular carpet type.) Police are also reviewing one witness's account, because her story seems to have many discrepancies.

Public criticism seems to be shifting from Littlejohn, whose role is still unclear, to the Falls bar manager Danny Dorrian for not telling the police that he had asked Littlejohn to escort St. Guillen out and that he heard arguing, causing the investigator to lose precious days in finding out what happened. A protest is planned outside the Falls tonight at 8PM. Additionally, friends of St. Guillen are supporting Littlejohn's parole officer with her complaint that her caseload was too large.