The prime suspect in the Imette St. Guillen murder, Darryl Littlejohn, has been indicted in another attack, an unsuccessful attempt to kidnap a woman in Queens last fall. While the woman wasn't able to pick Littlejohn out of a line-up, it was revealed two weeks ago that DNA evidence found on the device used to bind her hands (her would-be abductor handcuffed her, but she managed to get away) matched Littlejohn's. Queens DA Richard Brown will announce the indictment today, and Littlejohn will probably be arraigned today; sources say he was only arraigned on the abduction charge.

Littlejohn was indicted for first degree murder in the St. Guillen murder case last monthw, and police still suspect him in other attacks in Queens and Westchester. Littlejohn says he's innocent; you can see WCBS 2's jailhouse interview with him here.

Update: Littlejohn pleads not guilty.