2008_11_sakai.jpgStephen Sakai, the bouncer on trial for shooting four clubgoers, killing one, claims he was defending himself that night in 2006. The Daily News reports that he told the court that one of the men had a gun, "If I didn't use the gun I'm dead. If I do use the gun I get to see tomorrow." He also said of fatally shooting the wounded man's brother, claiming the brother was reaching for the gun, "I'm not waiting for this person to get up - I pull the trigger. That guy gets up, he's shooting me." However, prosecutors say he's a cold-blooded killer. And when police arrested him, they realized he was wanted for earlier murders. He was tried for those crimes last year (he testified with a fake Asian accent and jury found him guilty of two murders. He was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison.