Jay-Z's 40/40 Club in Manhattan has seen some trouble in the past, but nothing compared to what his Atlantic City branch is about to see. His club's security beat down two patrons over the weekend, and of course it was caught on tape (by DJ Zeke who performed at the club that night):

Police say charges will be filed against a few of the nine bouncers, according to 1010Wins. And the two men were charged with disorderly conduct for their behavior inside the club... though they claim they did nothing wrong. 26-year-old Tyrell Durant and his friend Leonard Clark were there to celebrate Clark's birthday — they say they just ordered a $15 plate of chicken at the bar "when a bouncer who had just ejected someone else from the club told him to move. Clark protested, saying he was waiting for his food," and a bouncer escorted him and Durant out of the club. The two were then beaten, and also claim they were sprayed in the face by a fire extinguisher, and had a watch and cash stolen from them.

Staten Island's DJ Zeke caught it all on tape, saying, "I was disgusted by it. As a DJ, you see fights all the time. But to see bouncers lose it like this — they just lost it."