2006_01_biobouncer.jpgAfter seeing the Metro story the other week, Gothamist has been fascinated by the prospect of the BioBouncer. JAD Communication and Security created the biometric scanning device that can check people's faces against ones in an "unwanted patron" database and is supposedly testing them in NYC clubs. What does Rob the Bouncer think of this? This just sounds so Alias, except with more plausible plotlines. Just think, that drink you threw on some bitch could get you blacklisted from all the cities clubs! But what about starlets who deface the bathroom?

The description of the technology on the BioBouncer website is adorably reassuring:

Facial recognition is an emerging technology that involves the measurement of facial features, including (for example) the distances between the eyes, nose, and facial bone structures. Facial recognition is one of the few, if not the only, “biometric” that we use everyday. We use it to identify our friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

Now, we just wonder what happens when you happen to look like someone else who has been blacklisted. We're sure you have a doppelganger - or said someone else had a doppelganger - or maybe even an actual identical twin.

And on a related note, there's All Look Same.